Medical reasons for peeing in the night

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Other people who have nocturia have simply developed a habit of waking up during the night to urinate. Frequent urination is an inconvenient condition that can affect both men and women. Glomerulonephritis is a serious illness that can stop your kidneys from functioning properly. Both boys and girls may experience episodes of nocturnal enuresis during early childhood. Who experiences frequent urination? What is frequent urination?

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An inflammation of the vagina that causes the frequent need to urinate for women.

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Excessive Urination at Night (Nocturia)

When this condition happens at night, it is called nocturia. Talk to your doctor to discuss lifestyle changes and treatment options that can help you. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. You are bothered by the number of times you must urinate during the night. Does nighttime urination interfere with your sleep? Tests that may be performed include:

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medical reasons for peeing in the night
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medical reasons for peeing in the night
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