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She lifted her glass again. Overall she had to say the whole evening had been a success, her attire making sure that the names 'The Walking Dead' and 'Lauren Cohan' would be all over the news tomorrow. You have a new user avatar waiting for moderation. Softly she placed her hand on the man's thigh and looked him deep in the eyes. He gently took her hand and to her surprise he planted a small kiss on it. She glanced into the mirror again, checking her dolled up reflection. It had been an eternity since she had gotten laid, but how was she supposed to get lucky if these men wouldn't even dare to look her in the eyes?

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She realized she was biting her lower lip a little.

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Lauren Cohan anal (by RandomAnon)

Laurens eyes rolled back as waves of euphoria flooded her body, she didn't cum yet, but with the expert way her older lover treated her body she knew it was only a matter of minutes. She started to pant as one of his hands found its way between her legs, two fingers tracing her slit through the thin satin of her knickers. Big thanks to all the guys who helped me with this by discussing ideas and story points, especially to Boogeyman who came up with the idea and to adept who did the proofreading. Once she was exposed he quickly slid her knickers down her long legs and off of her body, stripping the actress naked bar for black heels. A young woman sitting at a hotel bar late at night, dressed to the nines and all by herself He looked her in the eyes and smiled.

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