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Arielle is a less common way of spelling Ariel, just like the Little Mermaid! Pretty girls names beginning with L Layla Meaning: Both of these names have Greek Origins. Jonah is a Hebrew name meaning "Dove". Ethan is a biblical baby name meaning "strong" and Wyatt originates from the English surname and means "brave in war". It's not that Fred and George doesn't have a ring to it, but Ron Weasley's big bro's have perfectly paired names in real life. With English origin, Lily means 'Pure' and is the symbol of innocence, purity and beauty London Meaning:

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These are the names of Celine Dion's adorable six-year old's.

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Twin names: 75 perfectly matched names for girl twins, boy twins AND boy/girl twins!

With English origin, Scarlett means 'Red' or represents those who wear the scarlet cloth. Jason means "To Heal" while Jonas means "Dove". Vincent means "to conquer' in Latin and comes from the Roman name Vincentius. Metro - Nasty Video Magazine 03 - Full movie. Alice has German origins and means "noble". These names also sound unmistakably similar to Adam and Eve, who according to the bible were the first man and woman. Jacob is an important biblical patriarch and is a popular Jewish name.

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