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So I would watch the twins figuring things out, and imagine them being controlled by newly incarnated entities that know nothing of this plane of existence, only that its rules were suddenly, brutally enacted upon them. Except that in The Elder Scrolls V: I'm right there with you OP. This is exactly what The Legend of Zelda: I just married a year old dragon that looks like an 8 years old in fire emblem, not freaky at all. Sidewalks are weedy, root-buckled stretches, relics from a bygone era. Later on, Luke Skywalker kind of dies.

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But from how far back, from which saved point?

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Tahlia Palmer: Steady Eye

I decided it should take me longer to get where I was going, and it would take me much longer, I knew, if I walked in the exact opposite direction. Or maybe we always find our way to the same point in the programme, and the whole point of running through this game is to experience the illusion of free will and linear time and something instead of nothing. Different strokes I guess. But the pics in the OP makes it seem like the poster is complaining about sexualization in general. People tend to look at you funny if you walk along the sides of roads in the US. That being said, the students also have to wear their uniforms to and from school, no exceptions.

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