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Get ready for the furries, Sydney. Furries Came Out of Sexual Repression. But Mr Catteneo said life as a furry only got better from there. Trending Now on NYPost. Home Start Here About sponsor Contact.

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Furries...Britain's kinkiest sex craze: People who romp dressed as ANIMALS

But the rumor of furries being all about sex, is surprisingly well-cemented, which annoys a great part of us. I really like your comment "to me it's more like a hobby" — I totally understand where you are coming from! But at the other extreme, there are furries who pay thousands of pounds for custom-made suits, have their own "fursona" and even like to have sex in character. It is completely down to you. There are "fur-cons" all over the world where fans can meet up and have fun with each other — and some of the proceeds from the events even go to charity.

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real life furries suit sex
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real life furries suit sex
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