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The people of Exuma grind the sun-dried leaves with olive oil to make poultices for sores and lacerations. Not a great taste but not too bad diluted. It can grow on dry, disturbed soil, and benefits from fire ecology, growing quickly and robust after savanna fires. Medical Researchers have found out that the seed has been effective as an abortive and the fruit pulp can be used to force menses, birth and afterbirth. Hot Stones Not exactly a plant, but this natural remedy has been used by the Mayas for centuries and I'm sure many modern day women would love to know about this natural remedy to flatten the stomach right after giving birth. Women in Latin American use the leaf for menstrual problems to promote discharge after childbirth.

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Jackass bitter, cayenne, cane, alcohol,water.

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Jackass Celebrated Kidney & Liver Bitters – Sacramento

Traditionally, the herb is taken internally as a tea or a wine or used topically to bath wounds and infections, or as a hair wash to get rid of lice. Young leaves rubbed on skin exposed to poison wood can prevent reaction and will sooth itching and speed recovery. The germacranolide sesquiterpene lactones possess the structural requirements for cytotoxic and anticancer activities; however, neurolenins A and B were inactive in an animal model against sarcoma Sarsaparilla also has a progesterogenic action, making it beneficial in pre-menstrual problems, and menopausal conditions such as debility and depression. The kola nut tree produces star-shaped fruit that is about eight inches long and two inches wide.

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jack ass bitter plant
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jack ass bitter plant
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