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Archived from the original PDF on The armor-piercing concept calls for more penetration capability than the target's armor thickness. My list was also much more comprehensive than yours. Look at the curves. Then you have the Kharb which is more in the would not and could never level of physics-breaking problems but that's for another time.

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Early WWII-era uncapped AP armor-piercing projectiles fired from high-velocity guns were able to penetrate about twice their caliber at close range m.

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High-explosive, squash-head HESH is another anti-tank shell based on the use of explosive. During World War IIprojectiles used highly alloyed steels containing nickel -chromium- molybdenumalthough in Germany, this had to be changed to a silicon - manganese -chromium-based alloy when those grades became scarce. With luck, we'll all learn something that will help us play better, have more fun, and win more games. These rounds were classified as APBC or armor-piercing ballistic capped rounds. If you shoot a mm shell at an SP-1C's 10mm, even though you overmatch it 15x, you can still fail to penetrate if he's angled well enough.

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