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The Savage Hippy Made some records with Mark D about 10 years ago. Nude With Boots, the follow-up to A Senile Animal is precisely what a follow-up should be for a band with such a long and intriguing career. Melvins is a weird band. However to be truly honest and heartfelt, I was a bit nervous when I heard they were coming out with yet another album and only three years after their previous piece gold.

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When Melvins play songs with all the wrong notesthere is little to be savored on the first listen.

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And no other album in the Melvins discography executes that as well as Nude With Boots does. Some people would argue that if music can't be memorable or capture your imagination immediately, then it is objectively low in quality. Facebook Twitter Tumblr Reddit. Perhaps in some instances, it may be appropriate to hold music to such high standards, but as a matter of fact, there is a formula out there for writing good music that taps into your brain through the back door. With its small, abrupt breakdowns and hard hitting progression, one might half expect to see Bill Ward as a studio drummer on the back of the album.

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melvins nude with boots
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