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In newer copies of the movies some hidden messages have been remove, but if you still own an original VHS copy then you can still see some of them. From inappropriate words hidden in the sky in The Lion King to suggestive language in Aladdinthe evidence against the Mouse seems to mount up fast Rams review — sly Scandi sheep saga Leslie Felperin. The animater went on to explain that when there was a re-edition of the movie, a lot of the original executives who produced the videotape were gone. According to Varietythere was a run on copies of the movie after the word got out that animaters had Jessica Rabbit appear without underwear in a few frames. That was kind of fast. Watch it here if you don't believe me

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The Lion King: the only Walt Disney film with a sex scene

Your email address will not be published. Once you get over how gross it would actually be if a rat was part of the creation of your food, Ratatouille is another Pixar classic. I mean, the Playboy centrefold. If you watch carefully the newly-formed dust-cloud seems to spell out S-E-X. It turns out that Sito was the actual artist who created the bishop character and drew the scene.

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lion king spells out sex
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lion king spells out sex

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