Swinging sling shot

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Penrose process may offer a way to gain energy from the ergosphere, although it would require the spaceship to dump some "ballast" into the black hole, and the spaceship would have had to expend energy to carry the "ballast" to the black hole. Gravity assists form peaks to the left, while periodic variations on the right are caused by the spacecraft's orbit around Saturn. It will still have a velocity of vbut in the horizontal direction. General relativity predicts that a large spinning mass produces frame-dragging —close to the object, space itself is dragged around in the direction of the spin.

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Gravity assist maneuvers can greatly change the speed of a spacecraft without expending propellant, and can save significant amounts of propellant, so they are a very common technique to save fuel.

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Gravity assist

However, if the spacecraft is to be inserted into orbit about that inner planet, then there must be some way to slow it down. In orbital mechanics and aerospace engineeringa gravitational slingshotgravity assist maneuveror swing-by is the use of the relative movement e. After entering orbit around Saturn, the "Cassini" spacecraft used multiple Titan gravity assists to navigate through a complex orbital tour. The maneuver relied on research performed under the direction of Mstislav Keldysh at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics[7] inter alia by Vsevolod Alexandrovich Egorov. The entire mission must be planned within that capability.

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swinging sling shot
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swinging sling shot
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