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Most recent Most popular Most recent. We only had two bathrooms so I tried the other one; also locked. The more risky it gets? I'm so completely unsurprised by all of this it's like they're desperately trying to heave water back out of the boat but instead of using buckets they just drill more holes and hope the water runs back out on its own which yknow yea sure that's totally gonna solve the problem honestly I wish I was more upset about this but I have too few spoons left to invest in stuff like this after this year so I'm just gonna kick back for now I'm not leaving the site but should shit finally collapse and you wanna find me and you're reading this for some reason then I'm still on deviantart same name also on twitter but I haven't posted anything there at all but I'm there and might try and convince myself to upload stuff there as well when I get my laptop back same name over there as well feel free to hmu wherever. They accepted the difference, even though it was hard for them.

I just grew rly fond of my lil buttlord okay I know I made him literally look like 10 of the canon characters but he's a special lil bean to me south park sp the fractured but hole new kid artsy stuff.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Or simply talking to your husband about his day while I keep texting you and tell you what a dirty fucking slut you are. Sublime is warrior-queen Galadriel being tempted by the One Ring. Somewhat classy, but deep inside, you have sick twisted fantasies and it makes you wet, just knowing how filthy you really are. Fear is the only reliable way. Which type of cunt are you? For how long do they keep them? I used the greek myth of icarus and the wings of wax to create a metaphor in my story.

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