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Perhaps he was a major star to you and you could have run up to him if you'd been there. No short straight guy EVER marries a woman taller than himself unless he has a fetish for them. Oh yeah, bit law suit threats. Let's give Tom the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's straight for the sake of my point: Their marriage was a sham.

She declined, and her husband of course ribbed her about it, said she should have gone and he would have granted her a freebie.

Mimi rodgers spank

That Nicomi site convinced me that she had something going on with her close pal Naomi Watts. I remember reading an interview with Mimi Rogers where she adamantly said that Cruise was not gay. Not sure why everyone here wants him to be gay so badly. According to Amy, they all had to go through intense confessionals while they studied Scientology. The glaring spotlight eventually points to Abuse at the Top. So uptight and concerned with his public image. You must tell your relatives.

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