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Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail. Now send the message and it will go as an animated GIF to the recipient. Is this how he crashed? Usually all of those difficulties come crashing down on you after the initial high of seeing and experiencing brand new things wears off. To add dynamism to a stale formula, Channel Five stole Kirsty Young's chair and made her read the news while perched on her desk like a chatty co-worker. But when this particular story broke at the end of Novemberit was Tiger Woods who marked the start of an unlikely new medium for celebrity news:

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The weird new world of computer-animated news

Click here to enrol yourself on the beta program. View this post on Instagram. Bitcoin value tanks again as Mt. This instant noodle Pixar is even more impressive when you learn that the clips of Obama, Rooney and Assange are "just a fraction" of the company's daily output. It was genuinely revolutionary. From what we're aware of, there's no footage of that.

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