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In the heat of the moment, the boundaries between your mind, body, and spirit melt. This slick-ass retro jam was definitely in the vinyl rotation while your pop-pop smoked nana's boots. Often, solo orgasms are the best orgasms. This truly iconic pop ode to masturbation is also a reminder of a crucial action: This is one of those songs where I'm like, "Why did my parents play this in the car and let me sing along to it? Fall Fall Fashion.

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Fall Fall Fashion.

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The Top Songs For Having Sex, According To Spotify

A flawless, near-spiritual manifestation of the addictive nature of fantasy — the most thrilling kind of foreplay — and that warm, tingly pressure you feel when someone makes you so hot you can barely look at them. But there's still nothing realer than when he plays all the parts. Sometimes sex is depressing. This song is about the deep connection you feel when you make love with a partner. Doing it to this song.

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