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Trauma survivors often talk about how memories come up first as physical responses. In the end, the technology may well enable social connection and self-worth, but in some cases it may also end up alienating us, unintentionally preventing us from more authentic communication and more multi-dimensional ways of being who we are, Greenwood said. In the process, Renee proves a nude photography subject is neither vulnerable or powerless by default, giving their body a tangled mess of agency, rage, forgiveness and desire. When we see celebrities doing it, we're even more apt to snap those revealing shots -- again following a "fundamentally human phenomena that predated all this modern technology," Greenwood said. Our desire to connect is primal, but our daily lives are often physically disconnected, said Dara Greenwood, an associate professor of psychology at Vassar who studies mass media's impact on our perceptions of ourselves. This may be especially true of adolescent sexting, which comes with its own unique dynamics, according to recent research.

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How does posing nude for the camera, a traditionally feminine and submissive role, feel for you?

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Nude Self-Portraits Trace A Journey To Reclaim Pleasure After Sexual Assault

But it also was connected to the feeling of my craft. Was creating this work a therapeutic process? In those photos, the hardy lander was able to capture some of its jagged landing gear at the bottom of the shot. People who are compelled by the idea of fame are more likely to follow and interact with celebrities online -- but they "may also end up feeding the very anxieties that motivated them to begin with Am I important? In one image, Renee sits naked on a kitchen counter alongside a sink, clutching the edges of a stained glass window. I've also allowed the occasional robotic camera that was deployed for the sole purpose of taking a selfie.

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