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It was Christmas Day, The first club is in Long Beach, which is a topless-only bar. Let me put her on I leave the decision to The Drunk. Or her head from the floor.

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But not in the way I anticipated.

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Eventually she finishes her Happiness and orders a Gummy Bear, which tastes like gummy bears of all things. She's unaware that I know about her lesbian leanings. He bought bread and made a phone call to his grandmother. She finishes her Gummy Bear, and then my cough medicine. I would have paid to see that. During her routine at one point she "walks" inverted on a platform on the ceiling, supporting her weight on the bar out to her side. By now she's had two Gummy Bears and the Happiness, so she's somewhat reluctant, but agrees.

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  1. Is she supposed to be having sex with a ghost or something? This doesnt even qualify as POV