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The early feminization effects from hormones and electrolysis and crossdressing can lead some women into being too optimistic about how they look. Thus anyone who still has an "M" in their SSA files is potentially outable to their employer's personnel department once each year. District of Columbia, US. They don't take care to avoid doing things in transition that would close off the option of stealth afterwards. When you take all these factors into account, it is clear that these women face many complex tradeoffs as they plan their life trajectories.

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Fortunately, the internet and the availability of relatively anonymous e-mail accounts is making it much easier for stealthy women to interact with other transitioners.

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Officially recognizes and supports an LGBT employee group, or has a policy that gives employee groups equal standing regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. Therefore, it is no surprise that transitions are so visible. In the end, there is the question of "when is it all done", of when has the woman finished with her body modifications and is content with the results. Over the past four decades, postop TS women in the U. If they are uncertain about what how to make the change, tell them that you understand that there might not be a set procedure for doing this, and that maybe you should talk directly with a supervisor who might know what to do. This is a time of many questions.

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