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While many would simply push down the top of the sock and squish the length of the clothing item to the point of stopping, that would result in a metaphorical demerit point for the waitress to pull a move like that. Let's not forget about that hefty budget spent on styling products! If — heaven forbid — a server walks in wearing a top knot, you can bet she's being send home. For ladies who love to get experimental with their locks, they're going to have to save those up-dos for nights when they're off the clock, because anything more than a mane that's loose and free-flowing will not fly in the Hooters restaurants. And since the girls who work at the restaurant are noticeably scantily clad, gorgeousand are hired strictly based on their looks and flirty personalities, it would make sense for any female guests to get a little intimidated.

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This means that they absolutely cannot wear the outfit outside of the franchise.

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However, the act of scrunching isn't a simple feat for the gals! Sitting next to them is one of the best ways to literally get on their good side, and is a tactic the restaurant puts into practice so that the girls appear to be less threatening. If they do, they'll be fired on the spot. For the Hooters girls, if their boss finds that they've smuggled their phones into their shorts or money pouches while serving up nachos, they're not going to be happy. Girls must rally together and participate in a group shot, and only then can the photo participants gather close and rub elbows and shoulders with one another. Keeping your device off the floor is a standard rule, and one that is bound to end up with some form of punishment if caught. While it's not the most elaborate of options, it is a standard colour that many restaurant franchises tend to enforce for their staff, so while seemingly progressive for Hooters, it's pretty standard at most eateries.

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