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If you are unsure about using a sex toy, why not try a clitoral stimulator like Kinky Bullet or a vibrating cock ring, such as Lelo Tor. The man is flat on his back, while the woman is rolled slightly to her right. You can be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if you're insecure it could cost you. This position leaves the partners both fully supported by the bed the man on his back, the woman on her right shoulder and torso except for the woman's left leg which is resting on the man's right hip. You'll never see sex in the same way again! James never goes amiss!

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Knowing we want them and not being shy about it drives men nuts so make the first move sex and take control.

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How To Master Sex: 10 Simple Ways To Be Better In Bed

Being more confident comes from knowing what makes you tick. Just talking about them with your partner can turn you and him on. Sexual confidence is the key to healthier, better sex. Once you master your sexual needs you'll be more comfortable and confident to take up your fantasies with your guy. Men love to watch their partners have their way with themselves. This position particularly is effective for the woman, as she can move with full freedom to enjoy either slow or rapid pelvic thrusting, depending upon current levels of sexual tensions.

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masters sex position
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masters sex position
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