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I think I have a terrible poker face. To be honest, no. A federal judge at a US district court in Bridgeport, Connecticut, ordered Garofano to serve the prison term followed by three years of supervised release. Definitely, the political and the sexual relevancy certainly landed in our lap because we started making this movie three years ago. And I've never done a foreign accent before. Lawrence said at the time the invasion was equivalent to a sex crime, and called for tougher laws.

Now, our story is totally not about meddling in elections and collusion and those things, but it plays into the hands of a growing curiosity about what's going on in Russia that has suddenly returned, and of course, like you were saying, it's grown into a climate where there's a full and frank and robust discussion going on about stuff that's been swept under the carpet with regards to men treating women in a particular way or abuse of power, sexual power.


And when I finished it, I felt freed of all of those and I actually ended up thanking Francis [Lawrence], which might sound crazy. And I've never done a foreign accent before. The prosecution wrote in a sentencing memo to the court: Yeah, it definitely feels like the film has somehow sort of grown into its own magnified relevance because of both of those things. The treatment toward women that has been normalized for so long is over, and we're not going to normalize it anymore. Jennifer Lawrence talks nude scene, 'Red Sparrow' Lawrence says relationships with director Francis Lawrence and the crew helped her get through the challenging nude scene in the dark thriller 'Red Sparrow' about a ballerina forced to become a Russian spy.

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