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All men benefit from the violence of batterers. Such behaviors include continuous degradation, intimidation, manipulation, brainwashing, or control of another to the detriment of the individual AMEND 3. Stalking; classification; definitions A. Forcing or encouraging her dependency by making her believe that she is incapable of surviving or performing simple tasks without the batterer or on her own. Hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, shaking, pushing, pulling, punching, choking, beating, scratching, pinching, pulling hair, stabbing, shooting, drowning, burning, hitting with an object, threatening with a weapon, or threatening to physically assault. Calling or coming home unexpectedly to check up on her. Sexual abuse may involve both verbal and physical behavior.

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Having affairs with other people and using that information to taunt the victim.

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Types of Domestic Violence

Common Stalking Behaviors Below is a list of common stalking behaviors. Not allowing her freedom of choice in terms of clothing styles, makeup or hairstyle. Threatening to hurt or kill the victim or her children, family, pets, property or reputation. It is not an isolated behavior, but the outcome of many kinds of abusive behaviors. Forcible physical restraint against her will, being trapped in a room or having her exit blocked, being held down. According to Barbara Hart in Safety for Women:

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f domestic domination
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f domestic domination
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