Evolution of the clitoris

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Humans and other primates are cyclic ovulators. The disparity between the reproductive act and the orgasmic reflex prompted Shere Hite, in her controversial Hite Report, to call sexual intercourse the Rube Goldberg method of female sexual fulfillment. As a result, its existence can't be incontrovertibly demonstrated or disproved by empirical measures. A factory for pain in the brain Jan. The body and glans are just far enough out of the way to not get hurt. That's not how evolution works. But if ejaculation doesn't equal orgasm, how can you tell whether an erupting male is enjoying himself?

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The truth probably lies somewhere between Shakespeare's poetry and Darwin's pragmatism.

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The Evolutionary Origin of Female Orgasm.

Others more strongly criticized the new explanation. What evolutionary benefit does body hair give us? Genes, Temperature, and Egg Size. The clitorises of rabbits for example are located in the reproductive canal. But many questions remain about why the female orgasm evolved, Kim Wallen from Emory University in Atlanta told Science.

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evolution of the clitoris
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evolution of the clitoris
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