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The only significant difference I could detect was that instead of five Bennet First off, full disclosure, i generally do not enjoy contemporary fiction I loved watching her bloom as an individual during this novel. It was enjoyable enough and I did read through so I could see how things were resolved but Alex's treatment by her family left me feeling vaguely unsettled. I LOVED being able to read from different character's perspectives and really enjoyed all of these characters as well as the over all setting! Clint, the Beta wolf of the clan knows she is trouble, but finds her irresistible, but his past is a mystery to him and he struggles with that lack of knowledge. Hopefully in a future installment, more details will be given to satisfy my curiosity. The descriptions were good, and very poetic, but repetitive, so it kinda spoiled them.

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The setting was perfect.

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First Impressions

Clint was a well fleshed character with a histo This was a nice installment in this series with an interesting plot. This book is Disappointing and pedestrian If only Jane Austen knew her work would be so diminished by a hack she would have never published. Something that didn't require a lot of brain power to read that was decently light and fluffy and not meant to be taken too seriously. Also, there's one scene where a character is considering abortion, and although I am certainly pro-life, the characters seemed very preachy to me. Spiritual content is harder to judge because there were a lot of mentions of God threaded throughout the whole book. Since this is told with a Christian worldview, I appreciate the insertion of church attendance and church social functions into the story.

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deborah smith spank
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deborah smith spank
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