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Back in Sheltered Shrubs, Carl and Hoodsey start a house-keeping service as a cover-up for their search for the town's mysterious dog-napper. Ginger feels that Dodie goes overboard with her job when Dodie turns it into a gossip column. Miranda uses this as blackmail to get Ginger to do her homework and, of course, to stay away from Courtney. Dodie finds the list of kids who were found to have lice during the inspection and feels that the other students have the right to know so they can avoid getting lice, one of which is Courtney. Meanwhile, Brandon's pet monkey, Mr.

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While probably not inappropiate for the series' target audience, but being aired on a children-oriented network, the main plot of the episode "Gym Class Confidential" can count as this.

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Family Therapy

In and out, her body was getting higher and higher off of the pleasure. He wasn't supposed to be here! Only this time, they have some unexpected baggage: She then decides to throw a party as an "even steven" holiday party. Ginger gets detention for sleeping in Ms. When Ginger learns that the band program is being cut in order to pay for the football team's stain resistant uniforms, she becomes angry and decides to start a petition to bring the band back, claiming that she is doing it to help Macie.

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