Lakeview oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Maybe you can follow up with them and fix the problem So other patients dont have this problem. Patel is highly skilled in the reconstruction and restoration of the face, mouth and teeth. I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled. It went really quick and I had small cuts on my gums and lips that really hurt few days after, I thought that could be avoided with simple extraction like that if he didn't try to rush Overall it was a bad experience and I had much better experience later with Dr. We invite you to join us at our state-of-the-art surgical facility.

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So I went in for both a consult and a tooth extraction.

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Also, billing - no one explains what you're being charged for before it happens. Patel is amazing as an oral surgeon. My wisdom teeth were hurting so badly I couldn't sleep and so on Saturday morning I scheduled an appointment to have them removed Monday afternoon. It took him only two minutes to remove my two wisdom teeth and costed way less than if I had to be put to sleep. Very Transparent, friendly, and respectful. The office was very nice and super clean.

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