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What I you want for the world? Recently, I smelled the best-smelling human I have ever smelled in my life. Makes me want to listen to this. There is some violence mostly between Jim Kim's boyfriend and EdwardEdward uses his scissorhands as weapon at one point, there's some beating. But yes, he needs sex, and lots of it, as well as total autonomy over his life.

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My spirit sister once told me about her first time having sex in a bunk bed of an Australian hostel.

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What You Always Wanted To Know About Scissoring, But Were Too Afraid To Ask (NSFW)

This time of year, we are beginning to really dust off our bodies from the stiffness of winter, to come home to our sensuality. As Mae West once said: Yes, it was just skin. As impersonal as we can keep our interaction, the better, I say. He was fully present, just doing his thing. My heart was beating fast.

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