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The wall contains layers of tissue with many elastic fibers. Menopausal symptoms can be eased by estrogen-containing vaginal creams, [] non-prescription, non-hormonal medications, [] vaginal estrogen rings such as the Femring[] or other hormone replacement therapies, [] but there are risks including adverse effects associated with hormone replacement therapy. So, without further ado: If a woman has weak pelvic floor muscle support and tissue damage from childbirth or pelvic surgery, a lack of estrogen can further weaken the pelvic muscles and contribute to stress urinary incontinence. Certain hymen shapes and types can interfere with menstrual flow, wearing tampons, or having intercourse. Though hymens can range in shape and size, most are shaped like a half-moon. Retrieved June 25,

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The Reproductive System at a Glance.

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Vagina Overview

Most of us, and I count myself in this group, don't get many opportunities to learn about our bodies, or much about sexand find ourselves either figuring things out as we go along or searching for information to help us. The Technology of Orgasm: Retrieved January 19, Your finger will slide inside your vaginal opening and into the vaginal canal. Diagram of the female human reproductive tract and ovaries. It also expands, in both length and width, with sexual arousaland, as it turns out, when aroused, the average length of the vaginal canal is almost identical to the average penis length. The Clinical Use of Drugs.

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which vagina holes are where
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which vagina holes are where
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