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In addition to treatments already mentioned, the Mayo Clinic lists Botox injected directly into the bladder, nerve stimulation, and in severe cases, surgery to either increase bladder capacity or to remove the bladder completely as other treatment options. It doesnt bother me much but I would like to be clean about it somehow and not offend her, it seems to really go crazy when you work the G spot. In a study of continent and incontinent women aged 30 to 70, researchers found that 53 percent of the incontinent women reported sexual abstinence defined as more than six months without sexual activity. Since he is a gentleman and makes sure the lady goes first, he can tell when it is going to start happening and makes sure the towel hasn't shifted. Although this could be urine, most likely it is female ejaculate.

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I will definitely be contacting my doctor!

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Why might urination happen during intercourse?

Had the same smell. Special thanks to my husband for being the best guy in the world. Yet anytime the topic comes up around my young and very sexually active friends it's made out to be this terrible thing and I feel ashamed but in reality I'm pretty ok with it I would greatly appreciate it. It is slighty thicker and gel-like.

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peeing while have sex
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peeing while have sex
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