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The next day Naruto arrived at the address as he sees a vast house or preferably a compound, as he is guessing this must be Tsunade's place. Chapter Tsunade Konoha, Hokage Tower The Hokage Office In this office is a woman with blonde hair and brown eyes as she has a blue mark on her forehead as she is wearing grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Then she feels Naruto's hands holding onto her hips tightly as he then, goes full blown beast on her by thrusting into her ass like never before as she yells out "MY ASS! As so, their lives a long happy life, as well had many children, like the clans of Uzumaki and Senju return from extinction. Tsunade is screaming up to the high heavens as she on the floor with Naruto thrusting his cock deep inside of her Senju pussy while holding onto her legs as Tsunade yells out "FUCK!

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As he's shocked to found out that they were doing it all night long as he says "maybe we should stop since having other this-".

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Naruto and Tsunade

Way bigger than Dan's five itch' as she is blushing badly and also feeling a big daze which is caused by the strong smell of Naruto's cock. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Shizune is heading back to the house of Tsunade as she says "I had looked all over for her, and couldn't found Lady Tsunade at all, I should have cheek the house when I was here early" as she back where she was, at the door of the house. Once Tsunade listens of what Naruto said, as she grabs a piece of paper and tore a small part of it and writes something on it as she folds it, then hands it to Naruto, "go to this address tomorrow" says Tsunade. Cause I ain't stopping until we're both satisfied!

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