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A notebook is filled with nude, deviant drawings. When does this film take place? Bryce freaks out in a nightclub, tells Bateman he's leaving, jumps off a balcony and runs away. These involve stabbing, shooting, explosions, bashing, hacking, and chain-sawing, frequently involving women. The novel, film and now the musical are far-fetched satires of America during the s:

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Taking this into consideration, there is a possibility that all that is happening in this scene is that Carnes has mistaken Bateman for someone named Davis, and has presumably mistaken someone else for Bateman possibly Davis.

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American Psycho's morning ritual: would Patrick Bateman’s routine work today?

This is a story about men living in a man's world, competing with each other over who has a better tan, who has better clothes. Mehta refused to meet with them. The scene then cuts to Sabrina and Christie walking out of Bateman's apartment; Sabrina is cut, limping, bruised and bleeding, we don't see Christie's face, but we do learn later that whatever happened, she had to attend casualty. Teen, 14 years old Written by itsrainingfrogs July 14, This theme is perhaps more obvious in the novel. It subsequently transpires that Bateman's psychiatrist, Dr. On a more analytical level, videotapes could also function as something of a status symbol Bateman is so rich and cool, he can rent huge amounts of videotapes whenever he wants, and most nights, that's exactly what he does.

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