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When your vagina feels very tight, as though nothing could go inside, you may have a condition called vaginismus. Trainers are plastic tubes that allow women to learn to insert something into their vagina. Vaginismus can make efforts to have penetrative sex very painful. They may have grown up with well-meaning but powerful taboos around sex and find it hard to move past that. I was told I have a longitudinal vertical vaginal septum — What IS this? You also don't need to feel embarrassed about not knowing this stuff:

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The Vagina, Clitoris, Uterus, and More It's also always worth a reminder that the vagina isn't an object:

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I haven't had sex and yet it feels like I'm stretched out or something. Hymens can come in different shapes. How wide it is is about what is inside of it, and if three fingers inside you feels good during masturbationthat is just about you being aroused and relaxed you might also notice that your vaginal muscles clench around less just as strongly. Menstrual flow comes from the endometrium inside your uterus which the vagina is a path too, but is a separate organ, inside your bodyand how heavy a person's flow is is about a bunch of things, primarily on your hormones especially in puberty where estrogens are so high but even just a person's height taller people who menstruate more often have heavier flow, for instance or weight, or if a person is taking aspirin for their cramps can increase flow. They should only be used under professional guidance.

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