The consequences of masturbation

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Please Log In or add your name and email to post the comment. The first and foremost thing that should be pointed out in this post is the fact that it does not intend to lobby around the anti-masturbation behavior and this is not done for religious reasons. Porn is not a representation of how most people have sex in real life, so as long as you keep realistic expectations about what you see in porn vs. The level of these changes totally depends on the number of times one indulges in masturbating. Erectile dysfunction is among the most prominent side effects of masturbating too much.

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Masturbation also has sexual health benefits specifically for older women, such as less vaginal dryness and decreased pain during sex.

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Side Effects of Masturbating in Men

The Western Journal of Medicine166—8. There is often no scientific evidence to show that masturbation causes any of the adverse effects suggested. Here, a guide to the possible negative side effects of masturbation, and what to do if you find yourself in this situation:. Some people report fatigue, vision disorders, hair loss, testicular pain, pelvic pain, etc. Some people may feel embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed when talking about masturbation. Although a guy masturbating for 6 times a day may feel productive, others might feel just the opposite. To answer the popular question of "how much masturbation, or masturbating how many times a day is fine", medical scientists are of the opinion that men shouldn't masturbate more than three or four times in a week.

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the consequences of masturbation
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the consequences of masturbation
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