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Some days i focus more on core because variation is necessary, but still incorporate some glue stuff at least. Do about 10 reps on each side, bending back as far as you can each time. So I've been on a mission to improve it. The other users pretty much hit the nail on the head. Women have a greater percentage of body fat than men due to their estrogen levels.

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If you like, you can check out my glute progress photo in my gallery to see what two years of training legs once a week can do.

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How to Easily Lift a Sagging Butt

There are many types of squats you can do, starting with the standard bodyweight squat and then adding weight for back squats, front squats and sumo squats. Step forward with your right foot and lower down as if you're doing a lunge. Avoid swinging your legs and using momentum -- only use your lower abdominals to create the motion. Work up a sweat, exercising at a pace that still allows you to have a conversation. Derriere Dynamics Posture Alert Take a look in the mirror to see how you stand. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Flattening your belly will take more than just doing lower-abdominal exercises because these just strengthen your tummy muscles and won't touch that flabby layer of fat covering them.

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