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Indeed, if you look at the photo of her submission, it's hard to disagree: July 31, An earlier version of this article stated that the Vagina Beauty Pageant received votes fromunique visitors to the website. In fact, it looks less like an actual vulva than a lot of the other vulvas in the contest. Add to favorites Report innapropriate video. The problem with cashless restaurants. It's nothing less, it's nothing more. Meanwhile, thanks to the widespread availability of Internet pornography, an increasing number of women feel self-conscious about their vulvas — and they're resorting to extreme measures to "fix" them.

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The search for the most beautiful vagina in the world:

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The tyranny of vagina beauty standards: When asked if she thought the Vagina Beauty Pageant might have a negative impact on women who felt self-conscious about their vulvas to begin with, Nell dismissed the idea. You fellas in the search department or whatever really know how to pick them I'll have the best pics beautiful ladies that apparently are enjoying themselves and I like that they don't look like they're just having to do it for a living thank you folks for the quality all those involved especially the sweet ladies y'all don't want to hug your neck I will but I won't be able to stop there thank you again I'm sorry I'm being tacky. Last month, reports emerged that a sex toy manufacturer was launching a worldwide competition to find the world's most beautiful vagina. They are, to put it bluntly, conventionally attractive ladyparts. View more Wet and Puffy videos. After the contest was announced, women submitted photos of their vaginas, which were ranked and voted on byof the website's 1.

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