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Erik told his mom. It takes an hour to walk home. I take the little box of things across the yard to the neighbors' house and knock on the door. And still I am unable to forget all that I've had a chance to learn about the darkened rooms and the things that go on there, the splendid variety of ways the human soul if you'll forgive me that word, in context presents itself to another when it believes no one is looking on. I want her voice to get angry and strong and sure. I don't think so, though, because Erik was kind of popular. Maybe this is why we were only friends, and why we're still friends.

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Erik told his mom.

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I know, a long time ago. I tell him I'm sorry. I remember her sitting at the table with my mother. Children 12 14 girls up to 13 young people in junior high and high school students aged 15 denim rom wished Quick View Good seller sing home. You don't even have to change your name because it means nothing now to anyone you meet. Today, I wish I had another story where I am the hero and save Erik, where I stand up for him to a crowd of kids, where I raise my voice and shout them into silence.

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