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So that wraps up my list of the 24 most unintentionally awkward comic book moments. At least we hope it's a costume, because otherwise Matt Murdock has gone full-on Buffalo Bill and sewn his mortal enemy into a skinsuit. Cloud, and whether he can actually be happy in life and let others into it. Dear God in heaven, Namor the Sub-Mariner remembers that sound. He ultimately succeeded by tricking Batman into flying the wrong away across the Atlantic Ocean by using a special machine that transmitted the wrong direction to the Batplane. Maybe a touch of heat vision. Click here for my Justice League Fantasy Cast.

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Thankfully we can look at moments like this and realize how far we have come as a country in terms of tolerance even if we still have a long ways to go.

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Batman seemingly prefers his women quiet, au naturale, and It, of course, gained sentience and turned evil, making Batman look pretty darn foolish. The book not only opens with Vicki Vale in her underwear and then zooms in on her derrierebut when the Director's Cut of the first issue was released, we saw that it was all very intentional by Miller. I really should have taken that shit first. America's pretty great, but by taking a few pages out of other countries' lawbooks, it could be even greater. He cares about him! What's interesting is that, for the most part, what we're talking about here relates to a specific era of popular culture in the s and s, where the idea of a guy "fixing" a woman by spanking her was seen as not embarrassingly regressive.

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superman says papa spank
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superman says papa spank
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