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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The forum quickly had advocates of " revenge porn " victims crying foul, and highlighted Reddit's lack of recourse for non-celebrities who thought they were victims of so-called involuntary pornography. The education there will fail," he said. This is a part of becoming a sexual person in this decade. We are missing that. Let's Keep in Touch! However, Reddit's perceived reluctance in adopting policies that ban objectionable content to be able to maintain the forum's openness has previously led to several issues.

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Additionally, many nefarious parties recognized the popularity of these images, and started spamming them in various ways and attempting to infect or scam users viewing them.

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Reddit Restricts Nude Photos After Celebrity Hacking Scandal

This same practice was occurring with the underage photos, requiring our constant intervention. So what is Reddit going to do with that money? As usual, the revised Privacy Policy will go into effect in two weeks, on March 10, As it is worded, the policy suggests that Reddit will be taking down images that will be found in violation. Popular online forum Reddit updated its privacy policy to ban involuntary pornography on its website. The last bit of news we shared with you about those stolen nude celeb photos was actually pretty good, as far as news about this subject goes: You're not going to change the way human beings behave.

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nude pictures on reddit
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