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I decided to end the spanking here. His cheeks began to turn pink as I spanked him slowly with light smacks to get his bottom warmed up. Next I had him change positions so I could use the belt, as he waited patiently bent over I wrapped the belt tightly around my hand and begin whacking his buttocks targeting his sit spots. He is forced to strip down to nothing, I have him lay on the bed with his cute ass in the air waiting for his punishment. After a short rest for my poor hand and tired arm I picked up my hairbrush and started to smack each cheek firmly. Next I had him bend over, his bottom was red with spots where the skin was beginning to break. I continued to swat his bottom harder and faster as it went on I could start to hear him whimper, I knew I was finally getting some where.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sometimes I would be in these positions for it seemed hours. Better for keeping him in position and I like to keep him on his toes. I've spent a lot of time, naked in a corner. But if she is very angry with him she may keep him in the corner for a full hour. I lowered his pants and boxers, turned him over my knee and began to spank him with my hand. I returned home to find the laundry in the same spot, not even touched. If I have stepped over the line, Sorry, just wanted to ask.

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corner f m spank
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