Cats that lick all the time

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Before psychogenic alopecia is diagnosed, other causes of excessive licking must be ruled out. You can involve physical activity with an interactive toy like a laser pointer. Our new tool will narrow down more than breeds for you. If a kitty licks to the point of breaking the skin, infection can occur. Consider reducing stress with feline facial pheromone sprays such as Feliway. The ASPCA recommends catnip or cat grass for these purposes -- both quick, totally safe and easy options that will redirect your cat's licking focus -- phew!

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A Cat's Appetite Is Insatiable.

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Why Does My Cat... Lick Me?

More Good News for Parents with Pets. If your cat's condition is indeed related to a disorder such as hyperthyroidism, stay away from the natural remedies and adjustments and speak to the veterinarian about management solutions. Cats love their routines, and when something in their lives changes dramatically, they don't like it one bit. Have a point of view to share? If any other use is desired, permission in writing from Mercola. Obvious signs of psychogenic alopecia are excessive licking and chewing. This behavior is also referred to as fur mowing.

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cats that lick all the time
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cats that lick all the time
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