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Theoretically transmission is possible but there has never been a well-documented case of transmission. I just gone a mad when my bf licks me. Young, Gifted, and Black: Can I lick my wife's vagina while she is pregnant? The Science Is Clear: What does a girl feel when a boy licked her vagina hard and drank her cum? How does a girl feel when her vagina is licked and played?

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Is It Safe to Lick a Vagina?

In terms of an HIV positive person licking a woman's vagina and posing a risk to the woman, this is pretty implausible. I become too hot and restless my whole body is just like burning. Clit-licking and possible exposure to vaginal fluids I have had a sex recently with my friend and I was licking her clit only on top, didn't lick her vagina inside and 30 minutes before that I smoked a cigarillo may this have cause micro cuts in my mouth and therefore increase the risk? In terms of HIV this is very low risk. What happens to a girl when a man licks her vagina? Also not all women like the same things.

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a man licking a vajina
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a man licking a vajina

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