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Sexual appeal is an attitude and with attitude comes a set of behavours, which means work needs to be done inside the girl not just outside. When you have learnt the art and science of attraction, and behave as such with people, you have sexual appeal. You gotta check out. But now if the guy is calling his girlfriend a hot girl it is more of a compliment and somewhat arousing way of speech. It will also include outer beauty as well, such her maturity and wisdom to keep herself healthy, youtful looking, and there is the symertry and her complexion. You take some of the prety girls features, eyebrows, curves, the flowing curls and and increase the way she dresses, with one powerful factor to add….

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What do guys do that girls think is hot?

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What Makes A Woman Sexy?

Ask New Question Sign In. It brings a vibe and feeling oozing with high self confidence, self esteem and when a guy flirts text wise, or face to face, you up your game and show him, fold. She never reduces anyone to just their looks. When you see beautiful women, you are captivated by how she makes you feel amazing from the inside. She has at least one amazing dress, for special occasions.

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shes a sexy girl
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