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The production of this cultural supplement is the production of cultural difference, in the sense Homi Bhabha gives it: Arthur was active in the Communist party, and in the 50s found himself a victim of McCarthyism. As chapter 2 argues, bringing eighteenth-century stories of female captivity into transcontinental dialogue highlights the arenas of friction and exchange that exceptionalist paradigms of American studies, like sentimental nationalism, conceal. Captivity scenarios and sentimental response are in these terms mutually constitutive, dependent on the specifically colonial confrontations that produce them. In other words, as a captive, Rowlandson occupies a position of cultural liminality rather than one of cultural integrity. The following chapters pursue such questions by examining texts published in North America from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries that depend on a central and sympathetic figure of a captive woman. Yet while the skills Rowlandson employs may be those of the English housewife, her structural deployment of those skills moves away from the Anglo-American model and toward conformity with the Amerindian culture in which she was living.

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Emphasizing her use of recognizable genres such as the sermon is therefore like emphasizing her use of typology: Captivity narratives and sentimental novels of captivity published in the last two decades of the eighteenth century reveal that this rhetoric had profoundly ambivalent implications for the practice of female agency. There was a contradiction between my experience and what the world was saying, and I had to learn to trust my experience. Colonial narratives of female captivity, as we have seen, were filled with figures who at once represented endangered virtue and aggressively defended it, legitimizing violence through sentimental discourse and its mode of ambivalent identification. Was this review helpful to you? The publication of Pamela in England in ushered in the cult of sentimentality that remained popular until the s, a period characterized by a series of military conflicts with the French and Indians that challenged and established the borders of the British Atlantic empire. Critiques of republican motherhood that insist on the irreconcilability of its passive articulation of female power with the republican ideal of active virtue overlook this significant shift, during the Federalist period, in how that ideal was practiced and regulated.

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