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Her move comes as Salafis have been pushing their attitude that women should be kept out of the public eye, promoting Saudi Arabia-style segregation of the sexes. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. The posting comes at a time when Egypt, a nation of some 85 million people, is polarised between Islamists and liberals ahead of parliamentary elections on 28 November, the first since the fall in February of president Hosni Mubarak. Doing so is certainly a natural reaction — fight against those who would hide women and their sexuality by putting it on display. And there is certainly a school of feminism that clearly believes that such actions play into the hands of men who would exploit such images of women and use them to degrade them, and that women are best fighting for their rights and dignity with their clothes on. Send me a copy. Lawsuits have been filed against her and there has been political pressure for the government to prosecute her criminally as well.

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Earlier this year, they posted footage of themselves arguing with officials who threw them out of a public park for displays of affection.

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Female student’s naked posts tear the veil from face of secular Egypt

Home About the Blog. Some people liked his comment, while thousands flooded the site with insults. In a naked display of solidarity, 40 Israeli women recently took off their clothes to support an embattled young Egyptian woman who is under fire for posting a nude photograph of herself online. Talking on Egypt talkshow 90 Minutes, one self-styled secular figure, Sayyed el-Qimni said of the posts: These events highlight the question as to whether displaying the female body provocatively an effective retort to religious fundamentalists who would shroud all women in public. Her blog has received 1.

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