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You can ride a mountain bike on the road you might not be as efficient or able to keep up with people on road bikes thoughbut you really can't ride a road bike on a trail. This is all about your comfort, not speed. If you increase the pressure in the mountain bike tires knobbys to their max, your ride will have an extra vibration because of the tread on the hard road, and will take a bit more effort. You may need to look for it a bit more. Grigory Rechistov 4, 8 If your idea of cool includes riding on harsh terrains although you didn't say you are planning to do thatyou can always buy a cyclocross bike which is essentially a slightly modified road bike.

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Such bike has a seat positioned higher than a handle bar, often with ram handles to enable even lower position sometimes handle suspension in the middle.

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Why Has This Man Put A Naked Woman On A Bicycle?

If I could ride my road bike in the winter, I would. If you're living or working in a city, make very sure you have somewhere like a cycle-hub to secure your bike. However, when I switch to the road bike, I feel I lose some peace of mind. Cycling to Work will Save Employers 1 million sick days in Hard to do in the snow, unfortunately, especially when it comes to the turning bit. Is it more tiring than a regular bike, or what are my other options for city commuting with the occasional touring ride?

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