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These are the things that make up its constitution and cause its pains and health. Or it's dry because without 'this is funny' cues it's lifeless and unpleasant. What's the difference between dry humor and wet humor? Those with too much yellow bile were choleric, and those with too much black bile were melancholic. Phlegm was thought to be associated with apathetic behavior, as preserved in the word " phlegmatic ". Pain occurs when one of the substances presents either a deficiency or an excess, or is separated in the body and not mixed with others. There is such thing as "nice" sarcasm, though it's mostly from a bygone era.

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Although the theory of the four humors does appear in some Hippocratic texts, some Hippocratic writers only accepted the existence of two humors, while some even refrained from discussing the humoral theory at all.

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What's the difference between dry humor and wet humor ?

I belong to the first school, but take your pick. It is false that its most obvious antonym wet is never associated with humour. Bourgeois pseudoscience Suppressed research in the Soviet Union Traditional medicine. Or when someone sprays u know, spits at u while telling u a joke? You can in fact wet yourself laughingwhich implies that a person laughs so heartily that he or she temporarily loses control of their bladder. Dry humor is understated. Instead of "and perhaps mordant", you should write "but not mordant", in that mordant humor often is dry, and dry humor mordant, relationships not held by hyperbolic, sophomoric, screwball.

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hot and wet humor
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hot and wet humor
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