Expression facial test

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However, an age distribution plot see Figure 1 reveals a gap, where there are only 6 participants between 35 and As expected, accuracy rates were at ceiling and participants were able to respond correctly to somewhat more than one trial per second on average. There were no additional performance differences due to emotion content. For the second, we computed a difference score between the hit-rate and false-alarm rate for each trial. The third expression elicitation phase was the Imitation Phase. The term referred originally to loss of face recognition ability in adulthood following brain damage Bodamer,

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Individual faces presented with an emotional expression during the learning period are then displayed during the later recall period including several target and distracter faces all showing neutral expressions.

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Development and validation of the Facial Expression Recognition Test (FERT).

Eye contact is another major aspect of facial communication. Because the task requires a short maintenance time for a single item in the absence of interfering stimuli, we expect the task to show accuracy rates at ceiling and to measure short-term recognition speed. Target and distracters were presented at a ratio of 1: On the universality and cultural specificity of emotion recognition: But different cultures have different rules for eye contact. Expression matrices included three one blocksix one blockand nine two blocks pairs of expressions that were distributed pseudo-randomized across the lines and columns.

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expression facial test
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expression facial test
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