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I have had nothing surgical done below the neck, but I did have a face-lift at The only magazines that ould book me after that were like Cosmopolitan and stuff. The offspring of Ronald and Nancy Reagan first made it to the gym in her twenties after years of amphetamine and cocaine addiction, and inat 42 years old, she decided to pose for Playboy:. Speaking of plastic surgery, let me answer the question that inevitably comes up: So there you have it. She also had some fairly serious dalliances with Rundgren, and was also friendly with Buell. The person that talked me in to posing for Playboy magazine was Patti Smith.

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Patti Smith, of course, did not end up ever posing for Playboy but instead released Horses in and eventually became an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Patti Davis Poses Nude For More Magazine

More interestingly, Smith would have been totally down with posing for Playboy herself. You see it first thing in the morning, and brushing your teeth in the dark is silly. Speaking of plastic surgery, let me answer the question that inevitably comes up: I told the magazine the kind of layout I wanted to do: Posing for Playboy was a rebel move. And frankly, the minute something in that zone starts drooping, I'm going to have it hoisted back up.

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did patty pose nude
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did patty pose nude
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